BrianTalk: What do you do all day in the lab?

Others frequently have this facial expression that reads “Oh Science, that’s so cool. Let me stop you there, cause’ I have no idea what you do all day. And if I ask you, that’s going to get really boring” whenever I am asked what do I do as a graduate student.

That’s what other people think what I do all day:


But that’s not even close to the day-to-day life in the lab. Well, some days when the dry ice comes in the delivery, some scientists do go crazy testing the different explosive properties of dry ice when they are put in a sealed container with water.


On a serious note, for the last couple weeks, I have been attempting to prove my viral protein interacts with the cellular protein. Unfortunately, the viral protein was extremely difficult to express in cell lines, because it inhibits mRNA shuttling. So, transient mammalian expression of the viral protein does not work well. And then, I try to approach this problem using an inducible GST-tag version of the viral protein expressed in bacteria. The GST-tag version of the protein came out insoluble. Anyway, I am trying to express this viral protein in another cell line this week, hoping that I will get a slightly better expression of this viral protein.

Happy belated Easter!