Food of chicago: the Southern

3/5 stars

For a Friday evening, the Southern is a prime spot for group dinner. August and I visited the Southern this past Friday for dinner. Their decor was nice. From time to time, we felt we are eating in a fancy garage. Other than that, It’s a great place for groups, but not so much for a date, as it does get a bit noisy with its low ceiling and plasma tvs.

As for appetizer, we started with hushpuppies. It is a fried cornmeal delight with a side of artichoke spread.



The fried cornmeal alone was delicious. The artichoke spread could be heavier. The taste combined with the fried cornmeal wasn’t enriched enough.

Then, we moved on to the piggly wiggly. It is a slow roasted pork shoulder with bbq black eyed peas and potato salad. Let’s look at each portion first. The two sides are great, the black eyed peas and potatoes were a great add to the roasted pork shoulder. The pork shoulder was well done. Best part is that its not too dried that you can enjoy the fat melted in the meat.


Lastly, we moved on to th strawberry biscuit. Oh lord, this restaurant was okay until we hit the desserts. This desserts were layers of biscuits-strawberry-biscuits-whipped cream-strawberry. I highly recommend getting this awesome dessert at the end to treat your sweet tooth a vacation.

To wrap up, this restaurant is a fine spot for group dinner. I wouldn’t come here for a date, as it gets really noisy when the game is on or when the place gets crowded. But service is great. Though they only have one washroom, so its kind of annoying to wait 10 minutes for number 1.