PROTOCOL: Thawing FBS and Storing FBS

  1. Remove the serum bottles from the freezer and allow them to acclimate to room temperature for approximately 10 minutes

  2. Place each container in a 30 to 37°C water bath or incubator. Excessive temperatures will degrade heat-labile nutrients. Prevent the bottle from tilting over.

  3. Gently swirl or shake the bottles every 10 to 15 minutes until is completely thawed.

  4. After thawing, use serum promptly. Liquid serum may be stored refrigerated (2 to 8°C) for up to 4 weeks. Ultimately, this length of time where cell culture can be successful will vary with different cell lines. Repeated freeze and thaw series may cause a decrease in serum performance. To avoid thaw/freeze cycles or long periods of refrigeration it is recommended that any unused serum be immediately dispensed into small aliquots and refrozen.

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