Importance of Networking, especially for Scientists

Networking is such an important aspect of our life. I haven’t realized that until recently, when I first started to look for job opportunities. Earlier today, I met up with an entrepreneur from China for lunch. He told me fascinating stories about how he started his company as a middleman between high temperature materials suppliers and the oil and gas clients.

I met this entrepreneur at a recruiting event for a VC firm in China. It turns out that we both want to pursue a career dedicated to invest in startups and early stage companies. Long story short, the conversation had expanded my knowledge about the Chinese economy and their thirst to invest in US companies.

Getting back to Networking, tonight is the CHIentist’s Networking 101 event. I think a lot of attendees will find it useful by learning how important it is to talk to other people. More importantly, it really doesn’t matter whether your new friend is in your field or related to your work. I am very glad to be a part of the organization to promote networking among the nerdy scientists, because we really need to break out of our lonely circle of lab mates and meet new friends!

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