Protocome idea

A while ago,  I came up with the idea of protocome.  An startup that allows people,  specifically scientists,  to share their protocol online.  Now you probably may ask why do we need that?  

If you go to any publications now,  chances are you will see a experiments section or the experimental procedure session. At this time,  there is no standardized method to present this section.  And worse is that some authors may give out as little as information as possible, so that it can be their little secret sauce (though you can probably just ask them directly for the protocol in details,  but that’s so inefficient). 

Getting back to this point,  protocol storage and sharing is a must do in the scientific community.  Yet this step is not standardized and is running very inefficiently right now. 

How can we solve this?  I think the best way is to mine all the open Access protocols out there.  For example,  plos one lets you mine through their data.  Then sort it out by figuring out the most common phrases for each identical type of experiments. Then that will be the gold standard

I envision us just citing the experiments in the future like, protocome, standard 1234, adjustment : sodium chloride (1ug).

Is this too fast fetched? I hope not! 

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