Healthline MS You’ve Got This Campaign

youve got this

Healthline just launched a video campaign for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) called “You’ve Got This” where individuals living with MS can record a short video to give hope and inspiration those recently diagnosed with MS.

You can visit the campaign homepage and check out videos from the campaign here:

MS SocietyHealthline will be donating $10 for every submitted campaign to the National MS Society, so the more exposure the campaign gets the more the videos it’ll receive and the more Healthline can donate to MS research, support groups, treatment programs, and more.

CRISPR Technology: The future of genome editing

The realm of genome editing has taken a significant step forward with the recent discovery, called CRISPR technology. CRISPR originates as an immune mechanism used by bacteria to fend off against virus infection. What is fascinating about CRISPR is that bacteria takes a chunk of DNA from virus and store it inside its genome. Then, when the virus infects the bacteria again, the bacteria is able to use the chunk of DNA that it stole as a surveillance tactics. Once it matches the virus DNA, it triggers a cascade of editing of the virus DNA to get rid of the infection.


What you see here is the bacteria genome at the bottom. The CRISPR locus (labeled as CRISPR array) is identified by the DNA repeats (black diamonds), with specific virus DNA (multicolor boxes) spaced between these repeats. Upstream of this CRISPR locus is the Cas locus, which consists of important enzymes and proteins that assemble and facilitate the excision.

CRISPR stands for clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats). Inside the CRISPR locus, you will see DNA repeats intercalated with specific DNA sequences (in the diagram it says spacer). These DNA sequences are sequences that the bacteria acquired from previous round of infection. After transcription, these DNA repeats are transcribed into RNA that carries hairpin structures. These RNA are called crRNA. These crRNA can then be used to target unwanted pathogens to degradation.  Upstream of this CRISPR locus, you will be able to find cas genes.


CRISPR locus generates hairpin RNA, crRNA. Cas locus generates Cas proteins.

Depending on what types of CRISPR, some or just one Cas genes are required for assembling and cutting the target DNA.

Since a lot of inventions are evolved around the type II CRISPR system/Cas9, I will focus on the type II CRISPR system that requires a large multifunctional protein to destroy invading DNA and a trans-activating crRNA (tracrRNA).  After crRNA binds to the target DNA, tracrRNA binds to crRNA and recognized by Cas9 and then cleaved by RNase III


crRNA identifies target DNA. tracrRNA then binds to crRNA, which triggers the Cas9 protein to latch on. This triggers RNAIII in forming a double stranded break in the target DNA

From this knowledge, scientists have derived a new strategy in genome editing. They combined the fundamentals of crRNA and tracrRNA. So now, you can customize the stretch of crRNA and then add on the chunk of tracrRNA that Cas9 requires to activate the excision cascade (see below).

The crRNA can target the gene that you want to target. Though you still have to express Cas9, in order to facilitate the genome editing. 


New England Venture Summit

New England Venture Summit 


Where Innovation Meets Capital

December 7, 2016 | Hilton | Boston Dedham, MA





Come meet, interact and network with more than 500 VCs, Corporate VCs, angel investors, investment bankers and CEOs of early stage and emerging growth companies at the prestigious New England Venture Summit being held on December 7,2016 at the Hilton, Boston-Dedham.


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Partial list of VCs confirmed to speak Include:

Imraan Ahmed, Vice President, Radius Ventures | Omid Akhavan, Principal, MVM Life Science Partners | Grant Allen, Managing Director, ABB Ventures | Liza Benson, Partner, StarVest Partners | Brad Blomstrom, Senior Associate, Volition Capital | Greg Bohlen, Managing General Partner, Union Grove Venture Partners | Gaye Bok, Venture Partner, Excel Venture Management | Ilya Breyman, Managing Director, Talent Equity Ventures | Gareth Burns, Managing Director, Statoil Energy Ventures | Dan Burstein, Managing Partner, Millennium Technology Value Partners | Lisa Calhoun, Founding Partner, Valor Ventures | Roger Chen, Principal, Genacast Ventures | Matt Cheney, Managing Director, CleanPath Ventures | Dylan Chiu, Ironfire Fellow, Ironfire Ventures | Elizabeth Chou, Partner, New Markets Venture Partners | Andy Clapp, Managing Partner, Arctaris Capital Partners | Meghan Cross, Managing Director, Red Bear Angels | Stefanie Crowe, Co-Founder & General Partner, The JumpFund | Kapil Desai, Associate, Catalyst Investors | Vijay Doradla, Verizon Ventures, Director | J. Skyler Fernandes, Founder, Managing Director & Co-Head, Simon Venture Group | Stan Fung, Managing Director, FarSight Ventures | Elizabeth Galbut, Founding Partner, SoGal Ventures | Stephen Goodman, Co-Founder, Mid Atlantic Bio Angels | Heather Hartnett, CEO and Founding Member, Human Ventures | Martin Heidecker, Director, Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund | Troy Henikoff, Managing Director, MATH Venture Partners | Nathaniel Henshaw, President, CEI Ventures | Sara Hochman, Managing Director, Energy Foundry | Henrik Holland, Venture Principal, Shell Technology Venture Partners | Inès Holzbaur, General Partner, AmorChem | Bob Hower, General Partner, ATV Capital | Joel Hwang, Vice President, HarbourVest Partners | Alicia Irurzun-Lafitte, Principal , Merck Ventures | Sachin Jade, Founding Partner, Klifer Capital | Andrew Jay, Investment Partner, Siemens Venture Capital | Roman Kikta, Managing Partner & Founder, Mobility Ventures | Lauren Kolodny, Principal, Aspect Ventures | Luda Kopeikina, Senior Investment Manager, DSM Venturing | Sarah Kunst, Partner, Future Perfect Ventures | William D. Lese , Managing Partner, Braemar Energy Ventures | Jiong Ma, Partner, Braemar Energy Ventures | Jillian Manus, Managing Partner, Structure Capital | David Matthews, Managing Partner, Trailblazer Capital | Murray McCaig, Managing Partner, ArcTern Ventures | Hollis McGuire, Director, Northeast Angels Investment Group | Winter Mead, Vice President, Sapphire Ventures | Ezra Mehlman, Vice President, Health Enterprise Partners | Vincent Miles, Partner, Abingworth | David S. Miller, Executive Managing Director, Clean Energy Venture Group | Ian N. Nabb, Vice President, Camden Partners | Jason Nolte, Investment Manager, General Motors Ventures | Ira Nydick, Technology Partner, Panasonic Venture Group | Michael Pope, Managing Director, Vert Capital | Gopal Rajaraman, Investment Principal, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital | Jorge J. Ramirez, Vice President, H.I.G. Capital | Aymerik Renard, Director, SanDisk Ventures | Lisa Rhoads, Managing Director, Easton Capital Investment Group | Riley Rodgers, Associate, Arctaris Capital Partners | Douglas Roth, Director, Connecticut Innovations | Praveen Sahay, Managing Director, WAVE Equity Partners | Jacob Schneider, Business and Planning Analyst, Boeing Ventures | Reese Schroeder, Managing Director, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital | Jeph Shaw, Vice President, New Energy Capital Partners | Ajit Singh, Partner, Artiman | Blake Stevens, Senior Associate, Harris & Harris Group | Edward Suh, Senior Associate, Goodwater Capital | Julia Taxin, Vice President, Grotech Ventures | Jonathan Tower, Managing Director, TriplePoint Capital | Claude Vachet, Managing Partner , Cycle Capital | Gina Villani, Director, Zaffre Investments | Emery Waddell, Senior Associate, Vocap Investment Partners | David Ward, Managing Partner, MTI Ventures | John Wei, Senior Investment Manager, SABIC Ventures | Kurt West, Principal, Nexo Capital Partners | Pieter Wolters, Vice President, DSM Venturing | Mark Wright, Managing Director, Blue Chip Venture Company | Chong Xu, Associate, F-Prime Capital Partners | Greg Zaic, Principal and General Partner, NMT Capital | Darshana Zaveri, Partner, Catalyst Health Ventures and many more.


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Article: Meet Prelude Fertility, The $200 Million Startup That Wants To Stop The Biological Clock

Meet Prelude Fertility, The $200 Million Startup That Wants To Stop The Biological Clock

It is interesting to see how Google and Facebook begin to have egg freezing as a benefit. Though, I doubt that this will be seen in all companies across the nation, as it may go against some of the religious and conservatives principles that some people have. But this start up is certainly a great idea for those who are not sure whether to start a family at an early career stage.